While Myanmar isn’t exactly an underdeveloped, rural country, it isn’t particularly a high tech one either. Though, truth be told, the Burmese aren’t too far behind the curve also.

The technology and network infrastructure are already in place, but the problem with it is that they currently lack the bandwidth required to facilitate smooth web surfing speeds.

Free WiFi In Myanmar is Painfully Slow, Mobile Data is A Godsend

Yes, this goes out to the millennial travellers and social media addicts who will be paying a visit to Myanmar. There is sure to be plenty of bemoaning and complaints about the painfully slow Internet speeds in the country.

There’s a reason for this highly laggy Internet infrastructure — the country only adopted the Internet about two decades ago! Thus, you can just imagine how much of an underdeveloped Internet network Myanmar has to offer.

These days, you may be able to find some excellent WiFi spots in the city which are mostly offered by pricey hotels and high-end cafés. Then again, the Internet in Myanmar is oftentimes unsteady and speeds are not guaranteed. You really shouldn’t be trusting any “We Have WiFi” signs until you can actually test the connection’s bandwidth.

Rather, a more efficient way to gain access to the Internet is via an inexpensive local SIM card. Buying said card with a temporary data plan attach will certainly work a lot better than most WiFi zones in the country. Otherwise, a portable WiFi router may well be better for you instead.

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