While not exactly a mistake (more of an advice, honestly), do take the opportunity to explore outside the common tourist spots while you are on your travels

Don’t just follow what others do — going off the beaten path, oftentimes you’ll get the best experiences and the biggest opportunity to find hidden gems. 

Travel The Road Less Taken

There’s another reason you should explore outside of your comfort zone. No matter where you plan to travel, the cost of dining and shopping near major tourist attractions i.e. tourist traps are often higher than if you stray away from the centre of attention. 

In this case, perhaps straying slightly (albeit safely) from the path commonly travelled would be ideal to experience new things not many people know about.

That being said, your expectations would also be at an all-time high whenever you discover and visit a lesser-known destination.

Indeed, as you spend hours and hours to research and plan your journey, certain expectations are unavoidable. But sometimes it’s better to leave those expectations at home. 

If something doesn’t go as planned, just go with the flow. Have realistic expectations and don’t expect your trip to be perfect. It could be false advertising from hotels, or museums and attractions undergoing renovations at the time of your visit. Having a positive outlook will salvage your holiday, instead of causing your trip to go all downhill from thereon.

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